Data Streams

What is a Data Stream?

Data streams standardize data from all the different shapes and formats your tools use into a straightforward tabular format. While creating a tile you can tweak data streams by grouping or aggregating specific columns. Depending on the kind of data, SquaredUp will automatically suggest how to visualize the result, for example as a table or line graph.

Data streams can be either global or scoped:

  • Global data streams are unscoped and return information of a general nature (e.g. "Get the current number of unused hosts").
  • A scoped data stream gets information relevant to the specific set objects supplied in the tile scope (e.g. "Get the current session count for these hosts").

How do I get Data Streams?

  • Pre-configured data streams - some data sources come with pre-configured data streams that are indexed when you add the data source.
  • Configurable data streams - some data sources allow you to create new data streams using a form.
    • A configurable data stream allows you to easily create new data streams specific to your needs, by entering information into a form, such as metric names or queries. Configurable data streams have a cog icon next to their name in the tile editor.

  • Advanced users can also write their own custom data streams (or edit a data stream created from a configurable data stream) see Custom Data Streams.

Using Data Streams

When adding or editing a tile on a dashboard you need to select a data stream, objects and visualization. See Dashboards

Help with configuring data streams specific to your data source can be found in each specific data source article:

List of documentation for data source plugins available

See also Scripts

Data Stream Shaping

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