Custom Data Streams

What is a Data Stream?

How to add a custom Data Stream

Generic Schema Reference

Specific Entry Point Reference

What is a Data Stream?

Data streams standardize data from all the different shapes and formats your tools use into a straightforward tabular format. While creating a tile you can tweak data streams by grouping or aggregating specific columns. Depending on the kind of data, SquaredUp will automatically suggest how to visualize the result, for example as a table or line graph.

Data streams can be either global or scoped:

  • Global data streams are unscoped and return information of a general nature (e.g. "Get the current number of unused hosts").

  • A scoped data stream gets information relevant to the specific set objects supplied in the tile scope (e.g. "Get the current session count for these hosts").

What is a Custom Data Stream?

A custom data stream is a data stream that you, as an advanced user, can write yourself.

Any data stream you create can be edited by clicking the edit button (pencil) next to it in the tile editor, and also from Settings > Advanced > Data Streams.

How to add a custom Data Stream

  1. Go to Settings > Advanced > Data Streams.

  2. Click Add new Data Stream.

  3. Enter a display name for your Data Stream.

    Note: The display name is the name that you use to identify your Data Stream in SquaredUp. It has no technical impact and doesn't need to be referenced in the Data Stream's code.

  4. Choose the Data Source this Data Stream is for.

    After you've chosen the data source a new field Entry Point appears.

  5. Entry point and code:

    To find out which entry point to select and get code examples for the Code field, see the help below.

  6. Click Save to save your Data Stream.

Generic Schema Reference

This section covers parameters that can be used in any entry point. For parameters that are specific to individual entry points see Specific Entry Point Reference

Specific Entry Point Reference

Many of the data streams in these examples can now be created easily using configurable data streams. The reference information below can also be useful editing data streams, because any data stream created using configurable data streams can be edited from Settings > Data Streams.

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