Objects in SquaredUp represent entities that familiar to you (for example, a server or a pipeline) and are used for the following purposes:

  • To filter your data on dashboard tiles. See Data Tiles.

  • To create scopes (a collection of objects) that can be re-used across multiple dashboard tile. See Scopes.

  • To drill down from various places across the product and explore more details about an object and its health:

    • Drilling down to an object from a tile on a dashboard.

    • Using the global search.

    • From the data source overview page which gives you a list of all objects and data streams for a data source. See Plugins and Data Sources.

  • To enable advanced features such as custom correlations, tags and custom types

Objects are first discovered and indexed in the graph as soon as you connect to a data source that supports object indexing. Data stream links, properties and relationships are created at this point, and subsequently refreshed at interval.

Objects and data streams often work together. A data source defines a list of object types to index, as well as a list of relevant data streams. (for example, a CPU for a server or a build duration for a pipeline). See Data Streams.

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