How does monitoring work?

SquaredUp shows you red, amber or green status indicators so you can instantly see if everything is ok or if something needs your attention. The indicators can be seen in several places, for example as dot icons next to a workspace's name or as a highlight color on dashboards.

Monitors are enabled on dashboard tiles by configuring a threshold for the state. The state of the dashboard tiles then roll up to give an overall state for dashboards and workspaces.

State also rolls up from any downstream workspaces. You can use the Map feature to manage workspace dependencies, see Map for more information.

This short video (2 mins 40) shows how to enable monitoring for a tile and add a new notification rule:

Where can I see an overview of my monitoring?

Go to the Monitors tab on the left-hand side to see which dashboards and tiles related to this workspace have monitoring activated. The state rolls up, which means that if a tile on a dashboard is red, the dashboard turns red. If a dashboard in a workspace is red, the workspace turns red.

The Monitors page shows a table displaying monitors configured in this workspace, their current state, last and next evaluation times, and details of the last state change.

Click on the dashboard name to view that dashboard.

Getting notifications of monitor state changes

SquaredUp can alert you when the state of any monitor changes by sending notifications.

Simply add a new notification rule in the Monitors section inside a workspace and configure the trigger and destination. See Setting notification rules for more information. You cannot Edit, Pause and Delete destinations from the Monitors page.

How do I start monitoring?

Monitoring is configured on a tile level, which means you can add monitoring to any tile on a dashboard.

When you're editing a tile the Monitoring tab, on the right of the screen, lets you switch on and configure monitoring. Monitoring can be based on a state (for objects that come with a state property), a threshold (like "if there are more then 10 new tickets in the last 24 hours switch the status to red"), or a monitor condition script.

Displaying workspace state

Your Organization home page shows the state of each workspace.

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