Text Tiles

Text tiles can be used to split the dashboard up into different sections. You may also want to use Text tiles to inform users who they should contact with an issue or what action they should take.

Text tiles also support Markdown, allowing you to add richer content your dashboards such as links, lists, images and more!

Select the Text icon to start configuring the tile.

Configuring a text tile

  1. Content:
    Enter the text or markdown that you would like to appear on your dashboard.
  2. Fit to tile:
    Select whether you would like your text to fit to the size of the tile. By default, Fit to tile is set to on.
  3. Font size:

    This is only required if you set Fit to tile as off.

    Select the font size that you would like your text to appear in.
  4. Text alignment:
    Select the alignment of the text within the tile. Available options are: Left, Center, Right.
  5. Click Save.
  6. You can resize the tile by dragging the bottom right corner of the tile. If you set Fit to tile as on, the text will automatically scale should you wish to resize the tile.

Formatting text tiles

This one minute video shows you how to format your text and image tiles once they have been configured:

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