SquaredUp KPIs allow you to publish key metrics both within a workspace and also to aggregate at a higher level for reporting:

Publishing Individual KPIs within a workspace

Select data from a dashboard to be published as a KPI.

  1. Create a new KPI type from Settings > KPIs > Add new KPI type. Creating a KPI type creates a data stream, which is used when adding KPIs to a summary dashboard. Status and Cost KPIs have been created to get you started.
  2. Browse to the workspace and dashboard that displays the tile with the data you want to publish as a KPI.
  3. Edit the dashboard and tile.
  4. Click the KPI tab on the right of the screen.
  5. Toggle KPI to ON.
  6. Give the KPI a name, such as the data it shows.

Aggregating KPIs on a summary dashboard

These steps describe how to create a summary dashboard to show your KPIs.

  1. Create a new dashboard, for example KPI Summary in an Overview workspace.
  2. Add a new data tile.
  3. Type the name of the KPI you created in the Search data streams box and select that data stream.
  4. For Objects select the applicable workspaces.
  5. Select the Visualization required.
  6. Under Shaping configure any aggregation required. For example, to sum the values together for a scalar you might choose Aggregation type: Total and Aggregate column: Value.

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