Plan and Usage

The Plan & Usage page allows you to see your current plan, upgrade options and your current usage / limits.

Additionally, the page shows the current usage and limits that are determined by your plan, which could include a count of users, data sources, monitors, objects or data queries.

From the free plan, you can upgrade at any time by clicking the Upgrade button. You can either make payment online using your credit card or contact Sales.

What are data queries?

Data queries are the requests made by our web app, API and background services to get data. Data queries limits apply to all plans, as part of our Fair Usage Policy for Free and Starter plans, or metered for Pro and Enterprise plans.

The usage of data queries is measured by calendar month (using UTC timezone). Only the data queries that represent a non-user generated activity are measured towards the limit of your plan, and they are categorized as follows:

  • Monitors: When a monitor runs its evaluation (at the interval defined in the monitor) by querying the connected data source to refresh the data.
  • Shared dashboards: When a shared dashboard or a dashboard / tile preview in a notification message is loaded, it generates as many data queries as needed to load all the data on the tiles.
  • API requests: When the POST / datastreams / requests / endpoint is invoked, any data queries executed as a result.

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