Atlassian Jira plugin

Visit our website to see the data that you can access if you use this plugin to add the data source to SquaredUp:

Atlassian Jira

Monitor the Projects, Releases and Issues from your Jira Software environment.

Only the Jira Cloud offering is supported by this data source.

How to add an Atlassian Jira data source

  1. To add a data source click on the + next to Data Sources on the left-hand menu in SquaredUp. Search for the data source and click on it to open the Configure data source page.

  2. Display Name:

    Enter a name for your data source. This helps you to identify this data source in the list of your data sources.

  3. Domain URL:

    The domain for your Atlassian instance in the format

  4. User Email Address:

    Enter the email address of your Atlassian user account. You need to have access to that user account since you need to create an API token with the same user you entered here (see next step).

    Here's how the email address (Atlassian user account) you use here influences which data will be returned:

    For Confluence data source: If the user account doesn't have access to a space, the space won't be returned. If the user account has read-only access to a space, you'll get the pages in that space.

    For the Jira data source: Even if the user account you use here has just read-only access to a project, the issues in that project will still be returned.

    For the Jira Service Management data source: If the user account doesn't have access to any Jira Service Management service desks, nothing will be returned by the data source.

  5. API Token:

    Go to your Atlassian account, create an API token, and paste it in here. You can go directly to your Atlassian API tokens using this link:

    Note: You need to create the API token with the same user account you used for the User Email Address field.

    Tip: If you are using the Atlassian Confluence and the Atlassian Jira data source you can use the same token for both data sources.

  6. Optionally, select whether you would like to restrict access to this data source instance. By default, restricted access is set to off.

  7. Click Add.

    You can also add a data source from Settings > Data Sources > Add data source, but sample dashboards are not added when using this method.

Using the Jira data streams

Data streams are installed with this data source.

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