Release Notes - Relay Agent

Relay allows you to securely connect on-premises (on-prem) services that run on your internal network to SquaredUp.

How does Relay work?

An agent is installed on a machine on your local network that has access to the on-prem service. Ideally, you'd install it on a machine that has the fastest connection to the on-prem service, based on its location. Agents are then organized into agent groups. When you add a data source for an on-prem service you pick the agent group you want to use.

For more information see Relay

For a step by step guide to downloading, deploying and upgrading an agent see Configuring an agent for on-premises data sources.

How to check the version of an agent currently installed

Only the latest version of the agent is available for download in the product.


  • Agent reports hostname of system to UI under Settings > Relay

  • Provides support for data sources that store temporary access tokens for authentication (such as OAuth)

  • During start-up, agent Logs now contain the hostname of the system, the user the agent is running as, and whether the agent is running as a service

  • Logs now contain details of any proxy servers in use by the agent

  • During agent shutdown (such as stopping the service) a small grace period is now provided to allow any outstanding graph indexing operations to complete as canceled

  • Stability improvements and minor bug fixes

  • Graph import bug fixes

  • Security improvements

  • Upgraded connectors

  • Added support for EU region downloads

  • Upgraded connectors

  • Support for in-place upgrades

  • Agent will run as Network Service by default

  • Auto-update of plugins and connectors files

  • No need to restart the service after updating API keys or changing log level

  • Real-time streaming of graph import results

  • Signed install script

  • Graph import bug fixes


  • Installation as a service

  • Specify a service suffix for side-by-side installations

  • Graph import of infinite length

  • Log level: Debug/Info/Warning

  • Graph import bug fixes


  • Upgraded connectors


  • Initial release