Release Notes - Relay Agent

Relay agents allow you to securely connect to data sources inside your own network. For more information see Relay Agents.

How to check the version of an agent currently installed (Windows)

Only the latest version of the agent is available for download in the product.


  • During indexing, if an invalid item is produced, only the invalid item is dropped, rather than the entire current batch of indexed items yet to be sent


  • Graph import stability fix for when a single data source returns more than 1000 items during indexing


  • Agent reports hostname of system to UI under Settings > Relay
  • Provides support for data sources that store temporary access tokens for authentication (such as OAuth)
  • During start-up, agent Logs now contain the hostname of the system, the user the agent is running as, and whether the agent is running as a service
  • Logs now contain details of any proxy servers in use by the agent
  • During agent shutdown (such as stopping the service) a small grace period is now provided to allow any outstanding graph indexing operations to complete as canceled
  • Stability improvements and minor bug fixes

  • Graph import bug fixes
  • Security improvements

  • Upgraded connectors

  • Added support for EU region downloads

  • Upgraded connectors

  • Support for in-place upgrades
  • Agent will run as Network Service by default
  • Auto-update of plugins and connectors files
  • No need to restart the service after updating API keys or changing log level
  • Real-time streaming of graph import results
  • Signed install script
  • Graph import bug fixes


  • Installation as a service
  • Specify a service suffix for side-by-side installations
  • Graph import of infinite length
  • Log level: Debug/Info/Warning
  • Graph import bug fixes


  • Upgraded connectors


  • Initial release

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