CircleCI plugin

For more information about what this plugin does and the data streams it retrieves, see:


Monitor the Pipelines and Workflows from your CircleCI environment.

How to add the data source

To add a data source click on the + next to Data Sources on the left-hand menu in SquaredUp. Search for the data source and click on it to open the Configure data source page.

Before you start

Create a personal API token in CircleCI

See Managing API Tokens

Configuring the data source

  1. Personal API Token:
    Paste in the API token you created in CircleCI.
  2. Install Sample Dashboards:
    Select whether you would like to install sample dashboards with the data source. By default, this is set to on.

  3. Optionally, select whether you would like to restrict access to this data source instance. By default, restricted access is set to off.

  4. Click Add.

    You can also add a data source from Settings > Data Sources > Add data source, but sample dashboards are not added when using this method.

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